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All About Bee Pollen

Bee pollen can be described as male germ cells manufactured by the anthers (male flower parts) of all plants and flowers. Without pollen grains, propagation of plant life would be impossible. There are over two billion grains per teaspoonful of bee pollen. Each grain is able to fertilize the stigma (female flower parts) to produce plant embryos and seeds. There are many agents of pollination, and a bee is just one of them.

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Bee Pollen Weight loss Effects

Bee pollen weight loss benefits are real. There exist many people who have achieved success

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Why Should People consume Raw Bee Pollen Granules?

Bee pollen granules provide maximum benefits to human body because of their raw, unrefined status.

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Main food source of bees

They eat these two substances to obtain nutrients like proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, sugars, minerals and vitamins.

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Pollen side effects

Our purpose is to give you complete information on bee pollen mainly and its health and beauty benefits.

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